About the Book

About the Book

 The Sex-Wise Parent  is  now out in paperback as The Parents Guide to Talking About Sex!!!!

The Sex-Wise Parent puts tools to protect their children right into the hands of parents!

Experts in all areas of sexual health — from adolescent pregnancy prevention to HIV/AIDS prevention to sexual abuse prevention — emphasize the importance of parents providing sexual information to their children. Report after report ends with a recommendation for parents to speak with their kids about sex. But no one has yet produced a comprehensive and practical guidebook to help parents do that!

The Sex-Wise Parent is an Our Bodies, Ourselves for family sexual health and safety; a sensitive, trustworthy guide as an antidote to the silence about the sexual issues facing families, including child and teen sexual abuse, bullying and sexually acting out. Written by national expert Janet Rosenzweig, this book shows parents and caregivers how informed, frank communication is the essential weapon in protecting kids from sexual exploitation, abuse, and violence while building a foundation for healthy adult relationships.

The Sex-Wise Parent offers activities for parents to articulate their own beliefs, preparing them to communicate their family values to their kids in an age-appropriate way; simple illustrations are offered as teaching aids.

The Sex-Wise Parent offers guidance on carefully questioning children and overviews of the legal process and community services if abuse is suspected.

The Sex-Wise Parent takes the broadest possible focus and offers a wide range of information for parents on sexual health and safety. Discussing potential risks in places including schools, public restrooms, hotels and the guestrooms of family friends, it offers suggestions to minimize risks from people including coaches, siblings and babysitters.

The Sex-Wise Parent explains the stages of psychosexual development and how the science of brain development helps parents understand the limitations in adolescent decision-making.

The Sex-Wise Parent offers anatomy lessons for grown-ups and includes simple, anatomically correct drawings.

The Sex-Wise Parent expertly synthesizes information gathered from diverse sources like focus groups of parents and the latest professional research, weaving it together for parents in a straightforward, practical manner. Just as “parents are the anti-drug”, Dr. Janet Rosenzweig shows that parents do the best job of protecting their kids from abuse through education and accurate information.